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Three Reasons to Redesign or Update Your Logo

Point Graphics logos before and after 2015 MidTenn







I have been in business for 12 years and after Point Graphics recreated my logo and flyers, the effect on my business has been incredible. My staff and I were uplifted to a new level. The transformation was amazing! -Ash

Below are three reasons to update your logo…

1. Logo is visually outdated In some cases, the logo was great when it was designed, but now looks outdated. A redesign keeps the brand from feeling stale or out of touch. 2. Market changes require different identification Another noticeable trend is formerly brick-and-mortar institutions developing an online presence, or wishing to appear as though they have.

3. Simplifying for better recognition So, how’s your logo doing? Does it reflect your current customer focus, or is it stuck representing what your company used to do? Does it look just like every other logo in your industry, or is it unique? And most importantly, when someone sees your logo, do they remember who you are?

If you decide to redesign your logo, make sure you do it professionally. These days, a logo isn’t just for stationery and business cards. It will be on your website, your physical location (if you have one), maybe your employee uniforms or delivery trucks, and so on. It’s important to get it right.