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Four Tips For a Business Card that Impresses

Your business card will often be your first and only chance to impress new contacts. Whether you are handing it out to potential clients, vendors, or fellow business owners, it’s important that your card accurately represents your image and that of your company.


Below are four tips to make the best impression possible.

1) Select a unique card. There are many options available to set you apart from other businesses such as leaf shapes, rounded corners, spot uv or plastic cards.

2) Buy the heaviest stock you can afford.  A quality card equals a quality company!

3) Hire a professional graphic designer, like those at Point Graphics, to design a custom logo. Besides using the logo on your business card, you’ll also be able to use it for your brochures, website, promotional items, etc. The custom logo will assure you that you’re not using the same design as many other companies who purchase stock artwork online.

4) Use the back of your cards. Otherwise, it’s wasted space. If you don’t use the back to list your website and other social media sites, be sure to include a quote, a photo or print more information about your company. Give people a reason to keep the card by printing a calendar or other relevant information. And, make sure to have a matte finish on the back so you or your potential client can write on it, if necessary.

You don’t cut corners when it comes to providing your company’s product or service. For the same reason, go with the best quality business cards.

You’ll notice a real difference in the way you feel about your company and yourself when you have a card that makes you beam.