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21 Ways To Use Postcards Market Your Business

If you use postcards only to say, “Wish you were here,” you are missing out on many ways to market yourself and your business.


Postcards are cool because they are inexpensive, unusual, and always read.

Use postcards for:

  1. Self-promotion
  2. Product promotion
  3. Website promotion
  4. Book promotion
  5. Event promotion
  6. Thank You notes
  7. Let me introduce myself
  8. Follow up to first, second or third meetings
  9. Award or honor announcements
  10. Invitations
  11. Reminders
  12. New location announcements
  13. Price lists
  14. Calendars
  15. Sports events schedules
  16. Emergency contact numbers
  17. Greeting cards
  18. Handouts
  19. Monthly tips
  20. Thinking of you
  21. Mini newsletters